I Am Pretty Sure Every Single Person I Know Is Marie Kondo-ing Their House Right Now

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I went over to my best friend’s house for movie night this weekend, and when I walked in, every single piece of clothing she had was laid out in the living room floor.

“What is happening here?” I asked, already knowing the answer. Because I watched the new Marie Kondo show just like everyone else did.

“I’m Kondo-ing!”

I think it’s called the Kon-Marie method, but close enough.

Courtesy of my friend, Kate T. She says, “Yes! I have to say, I love KonMari-ing my stuff!”

“You and everybody else…”

She didn’t believe me, so I pulled up my Facebook. It’s LOADED with pictures of clothing folded into tight little free-standing rectangles.

Courtesy of my friend, Dina K.

So many before and afters.

Courtesy of Lauren A.

She did a pretty good job!

And look at everything she got rid of!

I could look at these all day. So much Zen here.

Courtesy of Kate T.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen superheroes look better.

Everything looks better with a little free-standing fold.

And it’s not just clothes. People are Kon-Marie-ing their kitchens, too.

Courtesy of Kimberly K.

But I think my most favorite posts of all are those with good intentions…

Courtesy of Heather W.

So close, yet so far away…

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