I’m Obsessed With The New Marie Kondo Show And You Should Be, Too

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Some people around here feel like the new Tidying Up With Marie Kondo Show is stressing them out, but not me! Oh no, that show soothes and lulls me into a state of utter happiness.

First, there’s Marie. She’s this perfectly adorable, perfectly put together tiny woman who shows up at crazy people’s houses and teaches them how to find joy and happiness amongst all their clutter and chaos.

This lady is all about Joy, and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. You know what sparks joy for me? You do, Marie. You do.

Her system is simple. Basically you pull out all your junk, put it on your bed, or your couch, or whatever keeps you from sitting down or taking a nap mid-project and then hold each thing in your hand. You only keep the things that give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. All the rest of the stuff is gone-zo.

Before she ever gets started cleaning up though, she finds the perfect place in the living room to have a seat and just thank the house for providing shelter and comfort to the family she’s working with.

Tears, y’all. Actual tears. When she stopped to thank that first house, and the mom got all choked up, it got me. When was the last time you looked around at your house and really just thanked it for being there for your family? For holding all your most precious people, memories, and belongings?

Thank you, house. Thank you so much.

The thing that really makes this show worth watching is how much personal responsibility she makes people take over their own clutter and junk. She may be tiny, but she is also so very mighty.

Marie is all about accountability. When the wife started telling the husband what to throw out, she SHUT IT DOWN with a “you worry about yourself, and he will worry about himself” style comment that is moms know all too well.

I love that she folds everything. I’m so over hangers! My closet is so full of clothes that the rod holders are actually breaking off the shelves. I keep buying thinner hangers so I can fit more clothes in there.

And why?

If I take the time to fold my clothes, to really look at them and think purposefully about what I’m folding and why, then not only will I only keep my very favorites, but I’ll also actually know what I have to wear.

This show is brilliant. Marie is brilliant, and because of her, I have decluttered 6 garbage bags from my house just this week alone.

If you need me, I’ll be folding my laundry into tiny squares.

Happy place.

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