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SpongeBob Popsicles No Longer Have Gumball Eyeballs And We Simply Aren’t Ready For This

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There’s nothing that screams summer more than running towards the sound of an ice cream truck happily making its way down the road.

I remember doing it when I was a kid, and my own children loved to run to meet the happiest truck in the neighborhood — usually stationed smack dab in the middle of the playground’s parking lot that we were frequenting.

You can’t beat those frozen character ice cream chunks on a stick with the bubble gum eyeballs.

But, wait. Something has changed about our favorite characters on a stick, and this is childhood robbery!

My kids’ favorite summertime ice cream truck treat was definitely the colorful SpongeBob ice pop.

However, it was recently announced that SpongeBob will no longer have bubble gum eyeballs, and the internet simply can’t handle it — and rightly so!

Instead of those tasty gumball treats, SpongeBob’s eyes will be made of little pieces of chocolate. WHAT?!?

The Popsicle brand is always looking for ways to improve their products and made the decision to remove the gumballs — Gumballs will be replaced with a thin chocolatey layer for the eyes instead.

Popsicle brand

I mean, those gumballs were iconic! What. Is. This. Insanity???

As you can imagine, there has been backlash — and not just from me.

TikTok users are posting their lament over SpongeBob’s eyeball change, and I can’t blame them one little bit.

How could this actually be considered an improvement?

We know that this product is beloved by many, and we hope our fans will enjoy the new and improved design.

Popsicle brand

This upsetting news comes less than a year after Klondike decided to discontinue the Chaco Taco.

What is happening to summer?

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