These Color-Changing Pumpkins Are The Perfect Way To Light Up The Night This Halloween

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It’s great carving a pumpkin and all but let’s be the honest, it’s a lot of work!

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Personally, I’m not the greatest artist and I spend way too much time on the design because I want my pumpkin to be nothing less than perfect. Sometimes I just want to draw a scary face and move on you know?

The Lakeside Collection

If you feel the same, you should know that Amazon is selling pre-decorated, color-changing pumpkins that will make life so much easier come Halloween.

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Not only will these pumpkins save you precious time because the holidays are always busy, your pumpkins will stand out on Halloween night because they glow more than one color unlike regular jack-o-lanterns.

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These pumpkins sold by the Lakeside Collection include two original designed pumpkins and they’re under 20 bucks too!

The first pumpkin turns purple to bright neon green and has two witches in the front brewing up a spell and stirring their cauldron with bats circling the top of the pumpkin.

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The second pumpkin is a bit taller and a tad skinnier with a tall haunted house directly in the front with yellow windows and tall surrounding trees.

This pumpkin changes from orange to yellow.

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There’s an on and off switch at the bottom of both pumpkins, powered by 3 AAA batteries. You’ll want to have these pumpkins outside your home every night before Halloween, so just remember to turn these pumpkins off so you can save battery for the most important night in October!

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So I’ll ask you, what’s better than color-changing pumpkins and ones that will save you the time and mess from carving them?!

Although, I will miss the fresh pumpkin seeds; so maybe I’ll just carve a smaller pumpkin this year. Who else bakes pumpkin seeds in the oven, fresh out of a carved pumpkin?

You can get your color changing pumpkins on Amazon here and here.


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