Lay’s Just Released New Chip Flavors Inspired By Mexico, Germany, Thailand and Greece

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Lay’s Chips understands the struggle of traveling recently due to the pandemic. Therefore, Lay’s is bringing the travel to you with 4 new international flavors!

Besides from the fact that you’ll want to try every and any new chip flavor coming from Lay’s, the bags alone will make you purchase 2 at once.

The new internationally inspired chips are exclusive only and here is how you can get yours.

Starting today, individuals can enter to win by replying to Lay’s social media accounts including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, explaining which country you would love to visit most.

What’s next, is to play the waiting game and you already know thousands of other hungry chip lovers are going to reply, so give it your best shot!


The winner will receive a flavorful bag from either

  • Lay’s Wavy Tzatziki inspired by Greece
  • Lay’s Wavy Lime & Sea Salt inspired by Mexico
  • Lay’s Thai Basil Chili inspired by Thailand
  • Lay’s Beer & Brats inspired by Germany

Best of luck from Totallythebomb, to you!


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