What I’ve Learned During The First Week of Back To School With My Kids

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Many kids started back to school this week, and it was under TREMENDOUS stress to parents and teachers, alike. But, you know what? We made it through the week, and I even learned some things along the way.

1) These teachers have worked tremendously hard to bring the learning to the kids!

I was shocked at exactly how much loving care has gone into planning how this social distanced learning is going to work.

This isn’t just a thrown together curriculum, like we saw at the end of last school year. This is a well thought out and planned program, that has the kids interacting and learning!

Maybe your kid is actually going into a physical classroom, mask and all. I guarantee you, the teachers have been working and planning and racking their brains to figure out what is going to be the best for the child!

2) It’s going to be okay.

Everything’s not going to be perfect, but in the end, it will all turn out okay. There are bound to be some glitches and bumps — there was a statewide outage on the main website on the first day — but everything will work out fine.

3) The kids are still getting socialization, and that’s a good thing.

I was so afraid of my kids not being able to talk to all the other students in the class. They are already pretty shy, and I was so afraid this social distancing was going to send them over the edge.

BUT, the teachers have worked all that out. They have built in time for the students to interact with each other via Google Meets, and my friends, that is better than NOTHING!

After being trapped inside for eleventy hundred months, it is good to see them laughing and participating in class discussions.

4) Don’t worry about what other parents are going to think. You do what’s best for your kids and your family.

I was so worried, because we didn’t have my son’s desk set up yet properly in his bedroom. He has been coming in, sitting on my bed, and using my lap desk for his daily meets with the classroom.

And you know what? That’s okay!! He is learning GREAT this way. He is having fun, and it’s allowing me to be involved in what’s going on. We may keep this part of it up, and then let him go to his desk for actual work on the computer.

5) Let go of perfect expectations, and just go with it.

You may not get your kid up at the perfect time. Your kid might fight you in the morning, and not actually get to work until afternoon. I might not have gotten the aforementioned desk together in time for the first week of school.

BUT, you know what? Everything worked out. It wasn’t the perfect little picture I had in my mind of how things should work, but once I learned to just take a chill pill, everything turned out JUST FINE.

The beauty of this distanced learning, it doesn’t HAVE to be perfect. It doesn’t matter WHEN the work gets done — as long as it’s getting done.

It doesn’t matter if my kid sleeps in until 9am. Let him get the needed rest!

And the desk? I’ll get to it sometime this weekend.

Y’all. This may not be learning like you and I did, but it’s okay. The kids are going to be fine. We just have to think outside the box, and we might even find this is a BETTER system than we ever thought possible!

So, how did YOUR kids’ first week go?

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