Here Is What It Means When You See Those Gorgeous Quilts On Barns

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I live in a rural part of North Carolina, so quilt squares on barns are just a way of life.

There are more barns than McDonald’s, and each big ol’ building sports one of those colorful quilt designs above the door — we don’t even think twice about it.

Sure, they are beautiful — each one is colorful and unique — but they are nothing hard to find.

I guess I take them for granted, and don’t even think that others across the country have never seen a barn quilt.

What Is A Barn Quilt?

A barn quilt is a large piece of wood that is painted with bright colors to look just like a block on a handmade quilt.

It is hung above a barn, a house, a garage, she-sheds, or other building that can use a special pop of color.

You might be thinking, “Why the heck would you need a giant quilt block above my barn?”

Well, needing it isn’t the point. People hang them 1) because they are beautiful, and 2) because they may be steeped in family tradition.

Why Do People Hang Barn Quilts?

Way back in the early 2000s, Donna Sue Groves decided to hang a wooden quilt square on her barn to honor her mother, who was an avid quilter.

Now, people hang these barn quilts to promote folk art, family tradition, and the quilting tradition that is so special to some communities in the rural parts of America.

Where Can You Find Barn Quilts?

Entire communities — especially in the rural midwest — come together to celebrate these barn quilts.

People still follow the barn quilt guidelines set forth by Donna Sue Groves, and you can find them throughout rural America on barns, houses, garages, or other buildings.

According to Wide Open Country, “barn quilts are generally chosen from a family’s own colorful quilt pattern that has been passed down through the years. Then the family’s quilt pattern is turned into public art on their own barn or other building, and it becomes part of a quilt trail.”

There are entire quilt trails, where you can walk or drive down the road in a rural part of the country, and see an entire plethora of these beautiful quilt squares.

How Do You Make A Barn Quilt?

First of all, don’t be surprised by the size. After all, they get hung on a giant barn, and have to be seen from far away.

Barn quilts are typically painted onto an 8 foot by 8 foot piece of plywood, but some choose to use Aluminum Composite Board, because it is lightweight and durable.

It is common to use painters tape or masking tape to help make your designs as you paint.

If you have a family quilt pattern, you simply copy that onto your giant piece of wood.

If you don’t have a family quilt pattern, you can either let your imagination run wild or copy your favorite quilt pattern onto the wood.

You want to make sure, after you paint it, that you seal it with a product rated for outdoor use.

Where To Buy Barn Quilts?

Maybe you’re like me, and truly love these barn quilts, but don’t have an artistic bone in your body.

You can purchase barn quilts to hang on your favorite outdoor building.

It is quite simple to do a little Google search for barn quilts — you will find about a million.

But, a word of caution, they can be hella expensive.

I have found some great smaller Barn Quilts on Amazon, and they are a bit more easy on the wallet at around $199.

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