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This Mom Went Viral For Calling Out Daddy Privilege And She Is So Right

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This mom on TikTok is going viral for calling out Daddy Privilege, and she is spot on!

Have you heard the term “Daddy Privilege?”

Even if you haven’t heard the term, you undoubtedly know exactly what it is.

If you are a parent, you have PROBABLY experienced it at one time or another. Super frustrating!!

Daddy Privilege is when a dad does the EXACT same thing that a mom does — which she usually does on a daily basis — but he gets all the praise and accolades, and poor mamma gets nothing. It’s her “job,” afterall. *Eye Roll Emoji*

For example: Mom goes to the grocery store with a 2-month old strapped to her chest, a toddler in the basket, and one walking alongside her. She gets all her grocery shopping done, gets in the car, comes home. Typical Day.

DAD on the other hand. He goes to the grocery store with the same 2-month old strapped to his chest, the same toddler in the basket, and he may not even have the third kid.

But dad, he gets treated like a hero by everyone he comes in contact with.

People in the aisles are looking at him and smiling with praise at the hard work he is doing.

Cashiers comment about what a good dad he is for juggling the kids AND the groceries.

Same exact situation. Mom is just expected to suck it up and get it done. Dad is a hero.

There you have, Daddy Privilege.

Chloe Sexton is a mom on TikTok who has 1 child under 1 year old, a step-child that’s 7, and just so happens to own her own bakery. To say she is busy would be an understatement.

Part of Chloe’s job as a bakery owner is to go to a restaurant supply store, and stock up on needed supplies once a week.

Not only does she have to go to this restaurant supply store, but she has to do it with a baby in tow.

Chloe was going to this restaurant supply store even BEFORE she had her child. She’d be 7 months pregnant, lifting 50 pound bags of flour and butter, throwing it all in her car, and no one acted like she was doing anything out of the norm.

Once she had the baby, she’d have to strap him to her body, and then go do all the same shopping.

But, let her husband have ONE day off of his job. Let him take the baby to the restaurant supply store and do the shopping for Chloe.

People were treating him like he was a freaking hero.

But, you know what. He’s not. Not anymore than SHE is.

He is a parent, doing his parenting duties. Same as her.

Good for her for calling out Daddy Privilege.

Not that we shouldn’t be thankful when dads pick up a bit of the slack for us every once in a while.

BUT, there is a huge difference in being thankful to your spouse and treating him to a god-like status for doing his job.

AMRITE?!? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

You can see Chloe’s whole Daddy Privilege post HERE.

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