Move Over Green Grass, Pink Lawns Are The Hot New Trend That Requires Zero Maintenance

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If you dream of the perfect lawn during the summer season you’re not the only one, except maintenance is key when it comes to a fresh looking lawn and who wants to put in all of that work during summer vacation!

Therefore if you crave green grass rather than a pearly white winter, here’s how you can achieve the best looking lawn on the block!

Courtesy of @viponomareva888

Introducing pink lawns instead of green!

Dubbed as Red Creeping Thyme, this fast growing flower quickly spreads over the lawn that can cover your green grass with a luscious carpet of pink and and red blooming flowers.

What Is a Red Creeping Thyme?

A Red Creeping Thyme is a colorful blooming flower that brings out the red carpet when it’s planted on your lawn; soft to the touch and grows low to the ground, your lawn will be coated from head to toe in a plush pink like blanket.

How Do You Plant Red Creeping Thyme?

For a pretty and pink lawn, make sure the soil is moist but not wet, press the seeds firmly into the ground which is best planted during the spring season.

Courtesy of @viponomareva888

After the flowers begin to bloom, you’ll notice a sweet fragrance which attracts bees but also repels mosquitoes, just make sure to keep in mind that this flower is not edible.

Fertilizer is not needed for this type of flower and the no maintenance plant automatically grows a thick mat all over your front lawn for an “oh and awe” affect from neighbors across the street!

So count on planting a bright pink lawn this summer, consider coating the backyard with the blooming flower or maybe just along the edges of your driveway!

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