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You Should Never Blow Dry Your Eyelashes. Here’s Why.

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The fad of Blow Drying Your Eyelashes to curl them comes and goes a lot.

I remember in high school, it was the “cool new thing” that everyone was trying, this trick of blow drying your eyelashes.

And then, every couple of years, teens think they have discovered this awesome new DIY curly eyelashes hack — but, yo, it’s been a thing forever.

Blow Drying Your Eyelashes To Curl Them

The last time that blow drying your eyelashes to curl them was a “thing” was around 2020, when @mirandaalynnn took to TikTok — of course — to show everyone what a great hack she had discovered for making her lashes curly.

Hey, we were in the throes of a pandemic, we would do anything to break the boredom, AMIRITE?!?

The fad disappeared just about as soon as it was discovered. Sure, it was the cool new thing, but something more interesting always comes along and takes our focus away from a pop-up trend.

But now, however, this trend is back. TikTok users are quickly jumping onboard, making videos of themselves trying out the trend of blow drying your eyelashes to curl them.

But, should they really be doing it?

What Is Blow Dry Your Eyelashes To Curl Them?

The whole concept never really made sense to me — but that didn’t stop me from trying it.

You get your eyelashes wet, take a blow dryer, turn it on the coolest setting, and blast that air at your eyeballs from the bottom, locking those curly lashes into place.

What could go wrong, right?

Some people are even taking this blow drying your eyelashes hack to the next fancy level, by sort of stacking their mascara.

[They] do a sandwiching effect by first blowdrying, then applying lash primer, blowdrying again, applying mascara, then sealing in the curl with one last blast of air –“

Yahoo! Life

Lordy-bee, that’s just too much trouble in my simple little life.

Whether you choose to simply blow dry your damp lashes or do the whole sandwiching layers thing, the trend has professionals cringing.

No, You Should Not Blow Dry Your Eyelashes To Curl Them

Once again, — hear me, and hear me well — just because you saw it on TikTok doesn’t make it a good idea.

Sure, TikTok has it’s good hacks — like showing us how to easily clip dogs’ nails. But, let’s not forget, TikTok is also the starting point for STUPID ideas — like eating packing peanuts or feeding dogs spicy chicken wings.

Blow drying your eyelashes to curl them falls under that second category, my friends.

You should absolutely not try this hack, even if you’re using the ‘cool shot’ setting — Your eyes were not designed to have such forceful air directed at them, and even just a few seconds of using this technique can lead to significant dryness.

Diane Hilal-Campo, MD, certified Opthamologist

I mean, duh. Your eyes are supposed to stay moist — that’s why they make lubricating eye drops for dry eyes.

When you shoot that forced air at your eyelashes, you definitely run the risk of almost completely drying out your eyeballs. If you’ve ever experienced dry eyes, you know it can be equal parts annoying and painful!

— while your eyes may get red, irritated, and feel gritty in the short term, the long-term consequences of using this hack could cause corneal abrasions and infections, which could harm your vision to the point of blindness.

Dagny Zhu, MD, eye surgeon

Just think how much worse those dry eyes are going to be if you wear contacts!!

Ugh, I tried contacts for a while, but they made my eyeballs so dry and scratchy. I can’t even imagine if I were to heighten that experience by blowing air right into my eyes!!

Not to mention, you can damage your contacts by shooting them with air. Drying out your contacts can warp them, and they may actually adhere to your eyeball, making them next to impossible to take off — I speak from first-hand knowledge, here.

So, the point of all of this is Don’t Blow Dry Your Eyelashes To Curl Them!

How Should You Curl Your Eyelashes?

If your traditional eyelash curler simply isn’t cutting it, consider getting a heated eyelash curler. It will lock in those curly lashes without blasting air at your eyeballs.

You can find a Heated Eyelash Curler that is USB Rechargeable right on the Amazon website.


It runs less than 20 bucks, and I’m betting you will be giddy with the results.

So, to recap: Blow Drying Your Eyelashes = NO, Heated Eyelash Curler = YES!

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