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Internet Explorer Officially Retires Today. RIP Old Friend.

It’s official! Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s first web browser, is officially in retirement!

Talk about a piece of the past that will totally be gone forever.

Internet Explorer was launched in 1995, exactly two years before I was born, which means this web browser is older than I am and I’m sad to see it go.


I grew up with this web browser and my parents used it too, now all it’ll be is a nostalgic memory.


Internet Explorer will officially end its 25 year run on November 30th of this year, so get in all the nostalgia you can.

I recommend opening the internet browser and playing Space Invaders or visiting your old Myspace account.

However, even though Microsoft is getting rid of Internet Explorer, the company announced that they will be replacing the software with a new browser called Microsoft Edge.

The new web browser will rely on Chromium software which was created by Google to support the Google Chrome browser.

I guess this means an era has officially ended, RIP Internet Explorer. We’ll miss the blue logo.