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Vets Are Warning Against This New Dangerous TikTok Trend

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I have 4 dogs currently and have worked with dog and animal rescues for years. I would never do anything harmful to an animal, sadly though… some people just don’t have common sense.

TikTok is one of my favorite places to spend some time being entertained. I follow a lot of pet accounts. The people I follow never put their pets in harm.

Every once in a while though, I will come across someone doing something very risky with their pets just for the views. Some of the things they are doing can be very dangerous.

One of the current dangerous pet trends on TikTok involves feeding your dog spicy chicken wings and recording their reaction. What the actual ef…

Some users have since deleted or made their videos of the trend private. I guess they didn’t expect the reaction they got from people.

A Vet Tech by the name of Peter has a joint TikTok account with another Vet Tech called @vet_techs_pj.

He decided to make his own video addressing the danger after a dog came into his clinic after eating too many spicy wings.

So you know that trend where you give your dog a piece of chicken with hot sauce on it to see what their reaction is? Well, this little guy got chicken with hot sauce on it. Then he got another piece of chicken with hot sauce on it. And they just kept giving more and more ’cause I guess the reaction was so funny. And now he’s in the hospital with pancreatitis. So, stop doing trends with pets.

Peter – @vet_techs_pj

Not only is the hot sauce dangerous, but some people are also feeding their dogs the bone as well. Cooked bones are dangerous for dogs because they can splinter which can cause choking or even rupture the G.I. tract.

Please do better y’all! Your dogs trust you, don’t put them in danger just for views on TikTok!

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