The Miami Zoo Shared Photos Of Their New Baby Meerkats and It Is Cuteness Overload

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OMG!! I have always considered Meerkats to be super cute, but I never realized how adorable they are as pups!!

Ron Magill

‘Yam Yam’ the female Meerkat has called the Miami Zoo her home since February of 2012 and was all by her lonesome for 6 years.

Until June of 2018; when she was pleasantly surprised by three unrelated brothers joining her exhibit!


The males’ names are ‘Gizmo’, ‘Joe’, and ‘Diego’ are 6 years old. They were transferred from the Brevard Zoo and the four have been best buds ever since!

Ron Magill

On January 18th, 2020 the gang got a bit bigger when ‘Yam Yam’ gave birth to two pups in her cozy little den! Now, these little cuties get to call The Miami Zoo their home as well!

So… we aren’t exactly super who the baby daddy is, and only a DNA test would tell for sure. But thankfully ‘Gizmo’, ‘Joe’, and “Diego’ have all decided to pitch in and help ‘Yam Yam’ raise these curious pups!

Ron Magill

As you can see in the photo above, ‘Yam Yam’ is a great mama!

She is the first to successfully birth and raise Meerkat pups at the Miami Zoo! She is such an awesome mama that the zoo has taken a hands-off approach and allowed her and her brothers to raise the pups without human intervention.


The pups opened their eyes at the beginning of February and have just recently celebrated their first month of being in this world!

The Miami Zoo even has a live stream webcam which you can click HERE to see and you may even get a surprise glimpse of a Fennec Fox!

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  1. I loved this article and the pics of the adorable baby Meerkats!

  2. I just wonder why Yam Yam was by herself so many years! Had to have been so lonely and sad for her. Meerkats seem very social and need companionship.

    1. Really? Not sure why you had to say that. Makes you look very small.

      1. That’s not mean. If one is going write professionally then it needs to be professional.

  3. Following the link in bio, what is this? What link, what bio?

  4. All babies are definitely not beautiful. Human babies are disgustingly ugly.

    1. That speaks alot about you, since you were once a baby

    2. Maybe you were ugly but that seems to coincide with your inside ugly..all life is beautiful,none of Gods creations are ugly..shame on you.. 🙁

  5. Further proof that “all babies are beautiful!”

  6. They’re not just mere cats, the’re Meercats!