The Choco Taco is Gone Forever and I’m Not Okay

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Excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep…


The beloved Choco Taco is officially gone forever… it has officially been discontinued by Klondike.


First, Baskin Robbins discontinues Daiquiri Ice and now this? What is the world coming to? Ugh!!

Earlier today news spread rapidly that Klondike has decided to pull Choco Tacos from distribution.


The news was even confirmed by The Takeout, which called Unilever headquarters—the parent company behind Klondike—only to have one employee confirm that “The Choco Taco has been discontinued.”



This crunchy, sweet taco dessert has been a staple for many since its introduction in 1984 and now it’s gone in a flash.


People all over are sad and upset about the news saying:

I’ll never understand why they get rid of things so many people love… RIP Choco Taco.


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