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Baskin Robbins Discontinues Daiquiri Ice Flavor

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Daiquiri Ice has been one of Baskin Robbins iconic flavors and has been around for as long as I can remember.

Unfortunately, Daiquiri Ice has been discontinued.


Over the weekend, my family and I wanted to snag an ice cream treat and we headed to our local Baskin Robbins.

My oldest son ordered his usual double scoop of Daiquiri Ice (which they’ve always had) and we were told they no longer had it.

When I asked when they’d get more, the sweet employee informed me, that employees were informed that they’d no longer have the flavor as the distributor (company) who made it, just randomly stopped making it and nobody knows why.

While Baskin Robbins has yet to make a formal announcement of this, I did verify the information from Boardwalk Frozen Treats (the place to call regarding Baskin Robbins products).

I called the number listed on the Baskin Robbins website to verify this information and they told me, they no longer have any information on that flavor and it seems to be discontinued.

The woman did not give me any specific details and told me to ask my local Baskin Robbins regarding the matter.


Oh no!! That is horrible news. I know so many people who love this flavor.

Now, if you’re lucky, your location may still have some and I’d consider stocking up.


You may be able to find the small 14 oz. sizes at your local grocery store but once those are gone, they are gone.

It’s surely a sad day in the ice cream business.

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