Here’s Why You Don’t Need To Worry About A Meat Shortage Right Now

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People are freaking out right now about this virus, and they are panic buying by the basketful.

We already know that toilet paper is next to impossible to come by.

But what about meat? Is there currently a meat shortage, and might there be shortage in the future?

The answer is No. No, not even a little bit.

If anything, there is a SURPLUS of meat.

Think about it: restaurants usually buy up steaks and other meats by the truckful. Now, however, restaurants are either closed, or they are doing like HALF of the business that they were before.

Grocery stores can’t keep up with the volume with which restaurants stocked meats. Sure, we are buying a TON of ground beef right now, but there are still steaks and other cuts of meat that aren’t really moving off the shelves.

Yes, some meat processing plants have closed due to complications with employees developing COVID-19.

And, there are some problems with the transportation chain of the meat.

Ron Joyce is president and CEO of the North Carolina-based family-owned Joyce Farms. He said the media has fueled a panic-buying mentality and that, in his experience, the real problem of grocery store shortages has to do with transportation issues.

Yahoo News

But, there is PLENTY of meat available out there. If people would just QUIT panic buying at grocery stores, meat stock might be able to even out, and quantities should be fine.

There is also some thought that people will start to depend more on local producers of meat, instead of relying on grocery stores.

This would be SUCH a great thing for small local companies that produce FRESH meats for the consumer!

So, overall, you don’t need to worry about a meat shortage. At least for right now.

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