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You Need This Game of Thrones Dog Bed STAT

First, let me be clear, this Game of Thrones Dog Bed is already on it’s way to my house.

I don’t even watch Game of Thrones (see my reasoning here–but know it’s mostly because of the dogs), but I know that this is the cutest freaking thing.

No really. EVER.

Dog bed with fake swords on it made to look like the iron throne from Game of Thrones.

Now, one might point out that the original iron throne (or is it “Iron Throne”?) is probably the most ridiculously uncomfortable roosting spot for your bum ever imagined in the whole world.

But, this ridiculously adorbs dog bed?

Looks so freaking squishy, comfy, and the perfect throne for the little king of my house.

Game of Thrones dog bed with cute dog in it.

You Literally Need this Game of Thrones Dog Bed Now

I’m not going to kid around now.

Because, what’s the point. I mean LOOK!

Game of Thrones pet bed with cute dog in it playing with a toy.

So, let’s go down the checklist.

The dog bed is comfy–check! (even if it’s for a cat)

Adding this to your home would allow you take your fandom to insane levels which is, as we all know, the goal of all inner-child-bearing-adulty-adults–check.

Game of Thrones cat bed with cat in it.

And your dog really deserves a throne because the pooch is REALLY the king of your domicile. CHECK.

Game of Thrones dog bed with two cats in it, much like the premise of the show.

I mean, who else keeps the riff-raff out of your house by barking at all hours and driving you batty by getting under your covers and all up in your lap at all times?!

Not a dragon.

Nope. Your dog.

What’s more, you can get this absolutely freaking adorable food bowl that I’m pretty sure you’ll love, your dog will love, and your mom won’t get the joke…soooo…why not?

Dog food bowl with text "Food is Coming" on it.

Or this perfect bowl that is, without a doubt, the most smashing choice for your momma dog. Even if she’s just the momma dog of stuffed animals.

Dog food bowl with text "Mother of Puppies" on it.

Oh, no dog? Well, that’s ok, you can absolutely get yourself this crowning achievement of royal cattitude for your meower. Not that this made any sense, but this cat-bed-on-a-stick-shaped-like-a-crown is cute.

Cat bed shaped like a crown on a post.

Who in their right mind would NOT want these crowning achievements of awesome for their pets?!

I mean….

Shepherd dog of some unknown origin sitting on a rock with text "Game of Bones. Treats are coming."
Source: Imgur

The dogs know this is the way of things. The way of the old dogs.

So you should just, you know, give in now and make it easier for yourself.

No sense in dragging it out.