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Netflix Just Renewed ‘Sweet Magnolias’ For Season 3 and I’m So Excited

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The word all over Facebook and Twitter today is about how excited everyone is!

Netflix just announced that it has renewed Sweet Magnolias for a third season!


The first season came out on May 19, 2020 and fans were hooked from the start.

It was a huge hit, everyone was talking about it on social media sites. But then, it ended with a huge cliff hanger and everyone was torn up!


Fans took to social media to express their dismay over the ending and that they HAD to have another season so that they could know what happened.

I don’t blame them! I hate endings like that.

Like what happened to the Soprano family in that last episode? Did Tony get taken out at the diner? UGH!


Thankfully Netflix said YES to the second season of Sweet Magnolias and the fans were overjoyed!

The series’ co-executive producer, Norman Buckley was also hoping for the renewal.

My hope would be that as soon as we can meet again, we would go right into [Season 2]. Once everything opens up. I don’t know how Netflix makes their decisions, but it definitely would be good if we got a second season.

Norman Buckley told The Sun

And now, a 3rd season was just confirmed from Netflix.

Netflix posted on Facebook saying:

Sweet Magnolias has been renewed for a third season!


Ahhhh this is so exciting!!

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