You Can Get A Cooling Comforter That Absorbs Heat to Keep You Cool As You Sleep

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I don’t know about you, but I can’t sleep when I am hot.

I also can’t sleep without a blanket on (because ya know, monsters can grab your feet ha!).

With that being said, if you fall into either of the same categories, say no more. I have the perfect solution…

A cooling comforter that absorbs heat to keep you cool as you sleep.

Now, I am no stranger to cooling products. I’ve used many cooling blankets, cooling shirts, and even a cooling memory pillow.

And that is why I am so excited about this cooling comforter, because it’s just one more way to keep cool this summer!

This is the LUXEAR Cooling Comforter that is made of special Japanese Q-Max >0.5 Arc-Chill Cooling Fibers, the larger Q-max value, the more heat can be taken away. (The normal fiber Q-max value is 0.2)

The comforter is engineered to be highly breathable and wick away moisture. So this cold comforter can quickly absorb human body heat, keeping you cool and sweat-free all night long, even during the hottest summer nights, perfect for hot sleepers and night sweats, Bring you a sweet sleep and improve your sleeping quality.

It is perfect even for the woman in your life that is going through the dreaded change — menopause!

You can get this comforter in two sizes: Queen and King and it comes in this light grey color.

It is also machine washable in case you’re wondering!

You can grab your LUXEAR Cooling Comforter on Amazon for $45.95 here. You can also get 10% off using promo code FJ9PEUU2 at checkout. Code expires 12/31/24.

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