Madonna is Recovering in The Hospital After Being Found Unresponsive

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If you were waiting to see Madonna in concert while she was on tour, looks like those plans will be on hold.

Madonna is currently recovering in the hospital after being found unresponsive.

According to reports, Madonna was rushed to hospital in New York City on Saturday night after she was found unresponsive.

Upon arriving to the hospital, reports say, Madonna was intubated for at least a night.

By Wednesday, she was awake and recovering with the tube removed.

Her manager Guy Oseary confirmed the news via an Instagram statement on Wednesday, saying:

On Saturday, June 24 Madonna developed a serious bacterial infection which led to a several day stay in the ICU. Her health is improving, however she is still under medical care. A full recovery is expected. At this time, we will need to pause all commitments, which includes the tour. We will share more details with you as soon as we have them, including a new start date for the tour and for rescheduled shows.

What is a bacterial infection?

A bacterial infection occurs when harmful bacteria enter your body and begin to multiply, causing illness. These microorganisms can invade various parts of the body, including the skin, lungs, intestines, urinary tract, and bloodstream, among other areas.

How is a bacterial infection treated?

They are typically treated with antibiotics, which are designed to kill bacteria or inhibit their growth. It’s important to take antibiotics as prescribed by a healthcare provider because improper use can lead to antibiotic resistance, a serious global health problem where antibiotics become less effective against bacterial infections.

Fans also have posted on Madonna’s last post on her Instagram saying how chilling her last post and caption was…

Just a week ago, Madonna posted on Instagram with the caption:

The Calm Before The Storm……….


Being that she was hospitalized just days later, it’s quite scary.

Fans all over have commented to support her to and remind her to prioritize her health above all else.

We wish Madonna a full and quick recovery!

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