You Can Get A Cooling Blanket That Absorbs Heat to Keep Your Body Cool While You Sleep

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Whether you like it or not, the hot and sticky summer nights are coming…

And if you are one of those people who can’t sleep when they are hot, I have a crazy cool solution for you…

You can get a cooling blanket that absorbs heat to keep your body cool while you sleep and it’s basically the best thing since sliced bread.

Now, we’ve actually talked about these blankets before (a few years ago) but they’ve been so popular, and the company Elegear has since released new styles and colors like this striped cooling blanket…

And I am truly loving this bright purple color ahhhhh!!

Now, in case you didn’t know, these cooling blankets are cool to the touch and are made to absorb heat as you sleep.

The fabric is woven with Arc-Chill cool yarn, which can quickly transfer moisture from the skin to the surface of the fabric and quickly evaporate, so that the human skin is dry and comfortable, and has a cool feeling, very suitable for hot summers. 

These cooling blankets come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors making them the perfect gift for anyone.

And with Mother’s Day coming up, what could be a better gift for mom? I know I’d love to receive another one as a gift!

My family and I own several of these blankets and we love them (even my kids love sleeping with them).

So, if you’re a hot sleeper, you need to grab one of these blankets!

Right now you can save 10% off on Amazon. Use promo code 76M8XXMH for 10% off at checkout!!

You can grab your Elegear Cooling Blanket Here on Amazon.

And while you’re there, check out these other cooling/sleeping products from Elegear:

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