You Can Get A ‘Friends’-Themed Guess Who? Game For The Best Game Night at Home

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I’m assuming we are not the only family that has increased our game play here lately. I mean you can only watch so much television. Although, I do have my April Netflix schedule ready.

We have a pretty good stash of traditional games and puzzles here at our house. The kids love to have game nights!

But, if you are looking for something new and you are into ‘Friends’ in a major way…then you might want to check out this version of the ‘Guess Who?’ game!

boredbutcozy – Etsy

So, the game is the same as the original, but it features the characters from ‘Friends’. You have to guess which character the other person has. You get to ask questions to narrow it down, just like in the traditional game.

boredbutcozy – Etsy

The game includes Monica, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, and others too!. You can ask specific questions that pertain to character traits to help you figure them out.

boredbutcozy – etsy

The Friends Guess Who? game is available on Etsy from boredbutcozy. It is $65 and comes with the original game as well as the pieces to turn it into the Friends version.

boredbutcozy – Etsy
boredbutcozy – Etsy

They also offer It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Game of Thrones, Schitt’s Creek, Parks and Recreation, The Office, The Gilmore Girls, Seinfeld, and so many more! Crazy creativity happening!

You can check out the Guess Who? Games They Offer Here.

boredbutcozy – Etsy

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