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Caffeinated Donuts Exist And They Are Just The Energy Boost We Need Right Now

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Who doesn’t like a good donut?

But, put some caffeine in that donut, and it just might be the perfect breakfast!

Caffeine in donuts?!? YES!!

The good people at Hostess have combined two of my favorite things on earth — donuts and caffeine — and they’ve packaged it in one convenient packet.

They are also JUMBO sized donettes — so BONUS!!

These genius donuts come in two flavors — Caramel Macchiato and Chocolate Mocha — and they contain the caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee.

Full flavors of coffee with the sweetness of milk and caramel – all delivered in one delicious bite!

Hostess Cakes

Not only are you going to get a “Boost” from the caffeine, but it doesn’t hurt that it’s a total sugary indulgence.

These caffeinated donuts have already rolled out to stores, so make sure you are watching for them.

They have been spotted at Walgreens, CVS, Circle K, Family Dollar, Food Lion, Walmart, and other places you would normally go to get your Hostess fix.

The Boost donuts are individually packaged, and will cost you about $3.75 for 2 donuts.

The pastry is dense and chewy, with some inconsistency throughout the texture. Pockets of the donut contain tough, gummy crumbs, which felt unusual. [They] are also covered with a smooth, sweet icing glaze that, happily, doesn’t create the oily aftertaste I’ve experienced with other packaged baked goods.

The Impulsive Buy

If you are having trouble finding these caffeinated Boost donuts, the Hostess website has a place where you can enter your zip code and all your local stores selling the product will pop up.


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