Turns Out, You Have Been Shredding Vegetables Wrong Your Entire Life. Here’s How To Do It The Easy Way.

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If you’re anything like me, you have been slicing onions wrong your entire life.

The knife method just simply doesn’t work for me!

And, it’s not just onions that we have been struggling to shred.

Apparently you can shred cabbage, carrots, onions, potatoes — most vegetables that are usually on the hard side to cut up.

How in the world, you might ask?

Well, according to a series of videos posted on TikTok, it is actually pretty easy.

First, protect your fingers — those are usually the first to go, AMIRITE?!?

Stick a fork in the vegetable you want to peel. Like literally, spear that thing with the fork prongs, and get your fingers out of the way.

Then, you’re going to grab your favorite heavy-duty vegetable peeler.

One of those metal gadgets that your mom used to use isn’t going to do the job.


You’re going to need something like this mini mandolin-like vegetable peeler that you can find on Amazon.


Take that vegetable that you speared onto the end of a fork, and just run it back and forth quickly along the vegetable.

This isn’t a job where you can gingerly run that peeler blade across the veg.

Grab that thing, and put some muscle into it.

It’s not difficult once you get into the rhythm of the shred.

Seriously, this is a game changer for all those times you need finely sliced vegetables!

I just wish we would have known about this little trick BEFORE the holiday season, right?!?

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