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4,000 Beagles Were Rescued From A Virginia Breeding Facility And They Need Fur-Ever Homes

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Hold on to your puppy loving hearts. This is bound to make you want to go right out and rescue a beagle.

There is a breeding facility in Virginia that has been accused of neglecting and mistreating the dogs.

Nearly 4,000 beagles have been rescued from Envigo breeding and research facility in Cumberland, VA.

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue

I can’t even fathom that number of poor mistreated pups!!

According to the New York Post, a federal judge approved the request of The Department of Justice and the Humane Society of the United States to remove the dogs from the Envigo facility.

Can you imagine trying to find homes for 4,000 dogs?!?

The 4,000 Rescued Beagles Were Bred To Be Sold To Pharmaceutical And Research Companies

The beagles were bred in the Envigo facility specifically to be sold to pharmaceutical and biotech companies for research.

Although Envigo claims their top priority is animal welfare, federal inspectors found malnourished, sick, and injured dogs at the facility.

They were kept in cages — which sounds bad enough on its own. But, the dog feces and food waste was just piled up inside.

Conditions were so bad that more than 300 puppies died between January and July of last year within the confines of the Envigo facility.

My heart just breaks for these mistreated beagles!

Rescuers have 60 days to remove the beagles from Envigo, get them the medical care they need — like vaccinations and spay and neuter procedures — and find them new homes.

All of the beagles that were confiscated from the facility are being rehomed to rescue organizations and foster homes.

BUT, these 4,000 doggies are going to need to find their forever homes.

Anyone interested in helping with one or six of these dogs can email info@homewardtrails.org.

By the way, beagles, while a bit on the — shall we say — boisterous side, make really good family pets. They are friendly and outgoing, and totally ready for love and cuddles.

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