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This Mother-Daughter Duo Has Become The Center Of A Creepy Controversy on TikTok And I’m Shook

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We usually head on over to TikTok for Super Yum Recipes, to Check Out Viral Products, to see the latest TikTok Challenge, or just to — you know — waste an hour or three.


But, sometimes we come across super weird things.

Like, check this out. Have you heard about BebopandBebe? They are dead center in the latest TikTok conspiracy.


At first I was like, “That’s just ridiculous.” But, after watching for a bit, I’m wondering if maybe there’s something to the conspiracy rumors.


At first watch, the BebopandBebe page seems like just another mother and daughter who are hamming it up for the camera — dancing, lip syncing, dressing up, and just having fun.


But, when you start to think about it, it gets a little weird.

They always have full makeup in place, even the young daughter (it might be a filter, but I have my doubts).


Bebop and Bebe almost always film in the same exact location — it appears to be the young girl’s bedroom.


There are sometimes other people in the videos, but it’s usually a young girl who is equally as dressed up as the mother and daughter duo.


BUT, it’s when you head to the comment section of the videos that you really start to question what’s going on.


Put a heart next to your next video if you’re in danger

BebopandBebe comment

The title of the next video posted was, in fact, sandwiched by hearts. But, that’s nothing new. Most of their titles include cutesy emojis — oftentimes hearts.


According to Yahoo, “many believe that Bebop and/or Bebop and Bebe are being trafficked, due to a lock seen in the bedroom they often film in. Some have suggested that the bedroom is in fact a set.”


There is yet another theory that Bebop is actually Aranza Maria Ochoa-Lopez, a little girl who was abducted by her biological mother in 2018. Although the mother was found and charged with multiple offenses, Aranza Maria was never located.


What do you think? Is there any credence to the conspiracy rumors surrounding BebopandBebe?


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