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What Is the Green Goddess Salad Everyone Is Making on TikTok? 

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Say hello to the newest food craze to take over the TikTok spotlight!

Basically everyone and their grandma is making this viral salad stuffed with greens and covered in green dressing. 

Dubbed ‘The Green Goddess Salad’, this hunk of lettuce requires some chopping skills because this plate is pretty much a burrito bowl with all the fixings, but only vegetables! 

Courtesy of @bakedbymelissa

Thanks to TikToker @bakedbymelissa for showing us the ropes around this chef’s kiss, many other TikTokers have followed the recipe, kept it the same or added their own twist to the viral lettuce bowl. 

Courtesy of @bakedbymelissa

How to Make the Green Goddess Salad

Starting with a fresh head of cabbage (lettuce is fine too) wash first and chop small, the smaller your bite, the tastier the meal.

Courtesy of @bakedbymelissa

Wash a handful of cucumbers and slice thinly; chop green onions.  

Now, onto to the green dressing! 

Courtesy of @bakedbymelissa

In a blender, throw in two garlic cloves, one small shallot, two squeezed lemons, chives, a splash of rice vinegar, 1/4 cup of olive oil, a handful of walnuts and cashews, nutritional yeast, basil and as much spinach as you please. 

Courtesy of @bakedbymelissa

Smooth-ie together and make sure it’s mixed well. 

Pour over your chopped cabbage bowl and dip with chips for a good crunch!

Courtesy of @bakedbymelissa

While many TikTokers have replicated the recipe to pack for lunch, some have used the salad bowl as inspiration to add even more flavor like chopped red onions and even jalapeños for a spicy kick! 

Courtesy of @bakedbymelissa

So whether you have a hot tongue and choose to add a few jalapeños with the seeds, or just stick to the original recipe, this new veggie meal might just change the way you make your salads at home, as it should! 

Courtesy of @bakedbymelissa

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