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People Are Hosting ‘Bring A Board’ Parties And It’s The Most Delicious Party Idea Ever

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People are hosting Bring A Board parties, and I’m all in. Sign me up!

What is a Bring A Board party? Well, it’s just like it sounds.

You make a snack board — Charcuterie, Fruit Board, Taco Board, Appetizer Board, Dessert Board, Chicken Nuggie Board, Candy Board — basically any board you can think of.

And, then you show up to the party. That’s it.

You get to hang out with the girls — or there could be guys — and you all get to chow down on some hella good food!

There really are no specific rules.

I mean, maybe you decide ahead of time what kind of boards you want, and you have people choose which board to bring.

Or, just make it a free for all, and have people bring whatever their little hearts’ desire.

You really can’t go wrong.

Stuck for ideas? We got you!

Snack Board Ideas

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