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These Teachers Are in The Ultimate Prank War and Even TikTok is Getting Involved

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I do love a good prank war as long as it’s not being done to me – ha!

With that being said, these two teachers are in the ultimate prank war and their videos have gone so viral, TikTok is now getting involved.

Mr. Clausen is a 7th-8th Grade English Teacher who has been in a prank war with the Science teacher at his school.

He has documented their pranks on TikTok and people are loving it.

So much, that his recent video, he shared that TikTok got involved by sending the science teacher a bag of mini toy cats off Amazon with a note that says:

“I trust you know what to do with these. From TikTok fan in Florida”.

Mr. C then goes on to say he feels betrayed that someone from his videos is helping the science teacher.

“One of you betrayed me. Was it you? Did you send a very large batch of toy cats to my prank war advisory? It’s unacceptable.”


The science teacher had hidden these tiny toy cats all over the school with notes that say, if found, return to Mr. C and he has been getting students to bring him all these tiny toy cats all day long lol!

I find this fun, entertaining and I bet the kids at the school are loving it too!

You can watch the video below and follow along Mr. C’s prank journey with the science teacher.

@omgmr.c Traitor #youbetrayedme #prankwar #floridasucks #keepteachingweird #teachersoftiktok #saynotocats #betrayal #oliviarodrigosour ♬ original sound – Mr. C

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