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Here’s How to Make The Kir Royale from ‘Emily In Paris’

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Thanks to the new season of Emily In Paris, there is a new adult beverage that everyone is clamoring to try.


Only, this “new” drink is actually an old drink that pretty much faded into the past — as most good things eventually do.

Except in Paris! Those Parisians know what’s up!!

In the 4th episode of the current season of Emily in Paris, Emily, Luc, and Julien are seen toasting the good life below a Ferris wheel at the Place de la Concorde.


What are they drinking?

The Kir Royale.

And just like that, the drink has become a trending entity on the social media front.

People are recreating this gorgeous pink sparkling drink in droves, and for good reason.

It’s delish!!

I hope bartenders everywhere are ready to make the Kir Royale, because it’s quickly becoming a “thing” again.

The Kir Royale actually has only two ingredients. As long as you have those ingredients, you pretty much can’t go wrong!

How Do You Make A Kir Royale?

It’s just a black current liqueur known as Creme de Cassis and champagne.

Check out how simple this is to make.

Much like the Mimosa — which is made with orange juice and champagne — you simply pour the Creme de Cassis into a champagne flute and top it with the bubbly of your choice.

Voila!! You just made a Kir Royale!


Pro tip: you can float some raspberries on top to make it extra spectacular.

I think we have a new — um, old — brunch drink on our hands.

What do you think? Will you try the Kir Royale?

It’s definitely two hands up for me! I’m headed to the liquor store now to get my hands on some Creme de Cassis.

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