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A Man Broke Into A School To Save More Than 20 People From A Blizzard And He’s A Straight Up Hero

ICYMI, a pretty gnarly snowstorm pummeled New York last week, covering dang near everything in multiple feet of snow.

Some people found themselves in a pretty scary situation, trapped in their cars with nowhere to go. Their gas slowly running out — and thereby, the heat.

Jay Withey was one of the stranded, and according to CNN, he was stuck in just about the worst of it.

I mean, he was trapped. And, he knew he had to take drastic measures to save his life.

See, Jay, being a mechanic, had gone out to help a friend who was stuck in the wintery mess.

BUT, instead of helping his friend, he got his truck stuck in the snow — trapped in the middle of it.

He tried to call the police, but they said it was impossible to get to him with the dangerous storm barreling down on the city.

Unable to get himself out of the horrific situation, he tried unsuccessfully to beg help from 10 different houses that were close by.

Who in the world would turn someone away who was completely trapped in the ice and snow?!?

I plead with them, ‘Please, please can I sleep on the floor, I’m in fear for my life,’ and they say, ‘No I’m sorry.’

Jay Withey

As a last-ditch effort to basically save his life, he committed one final act of desperation that would end up saving him — and nearly 20 others — from the life-threatening blizzard.

Jay grabbed his phone, and flipped to the GPS. It was then that he noticed a school was close by.

I say, ‘I’m going to that school, and I’m going to break into that school, because I know they have heat and a bathroom.’

Jay Withey

He acted fast, grabbed a set of brake pads, and headed for the school.

Jay smashed a window, giving him access to the inside of the school.

Cheektowaga Police Department

Once inside, he could let the others — about 20 people — in through the front doors.

Cheektowaga Police Department

With security alarms blaring, they were able to get heat, use the bathroom, and even find food in the school kitchen.

Cheektowaga Police Department

I walk outside in the immediate area and there are a lot of older people that are stranded in their cars, — One person had a dog — and I get them all into the school.

Jay Withey
Cheektowaga Police Department

His one heroic act of vandalism ended up saving himself and others from a very precarious situation.

Thank you, Jay, for acting so fast to help others — complete strangers — from the storm.

You are a true hero.