New Yorkers Were Confused And Scared After A Weird PSA About A Nuclear Attack And I Don’t Blame Them

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Ok, things in the world are not good right now… I think we can all agree on that no matter which side of politics you fall under.

There is stress, tension, pressure, confusion, and misinformation and it’s a bit much for the majority of us.

We have wars going on, threats of wars, governments being overthrown, and some downright feral people running around the world.

Well, New York raised the stress and tension for many after an alarming PSA that made people think this was literally the end for them.


The preparedness announcement was frightening to those that saw it and it was a public service announcement explaining what to do if there was a nuclear attack.

Explaining what to do if there was a nuclear attack is fine and dandy, but the way it was presented left people extremely confused because it seemed as though something was actually happenings.


I grew up in the ’80s and pretty much expected to experience and die in a nuclear war, never thought I would actually grow up and become an adult honestly.

If I had watched this I would have probably thought nuclear war was actually happening too.

In the video a woman says:

So there’s been a nuclear attack. Don’t ask me how or why, just know that the big one has hit.

The woman said in the preparedness announcement video

The agency also had the comments disabled on the video, which made it even more concerning… I mean this isn’t typical!

@WNYC – Twitter

The video then goes on to give advice and guidelines for what to do, and ends with the generic and simplistic “You’ve got this.” statement… what the hell?


The Associated Press asked NYC Emergency Management what it was about and they responded that it wasn’t in response to any specific threat or incident.

There’s no overarching reason why this is the time we sent this out. It’s just one tool in the toolbox to be prepared in the 21st century.

The spokesperson said

Um, yea… this is not how you do things, the world is full of tension right now and a video like this can send people over the edge.

Do we need to talk about nuclear war and attacks? Absolutely, but you don’t do it in a way that leads people to believe it is happening right then and sends them into a panic!

It was indicated by Mayor Eric Adams that the war in Ukraine has a little bit to do with the PSA…

This was right after the attacks in the Ukraine, and OEM took a very proactive step to say let’s be prepared. And it doesn’t mean just a nuclear attack, it’s any natural disaster.

Mayor Eric Adams aid when asked about the video at a news conference

Yea, this isn’t how you properly prepare people… bad decisions were made in the presentation here.

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