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Nick Cannon’s 5-Month-Old Son Just Died of Brain Cancer and My Heart Aches For Him

This is not the news I wanted to wake up to this morning and honestly, nobody does…

News just broke that Nick Cannon’s 5-Month-Old Son Just Died of Brain Cancer and My Heart Aches For Him.


As a parent, I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and hurt Nick, his family and the mother of the child are experiencing.

According to reports, Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott welcomed Zen back in June which ended up being Nick’s seventh child.

Apparently, on his show, Nick shared how he and his family discovered Zen was battling Hydrocephalus, a form of brain cancer. 


“I always noticed he had a cough and so I wanted to check it out,” he said. “He had this interesting breathing and by the time he was two months I noticed he had this nice sized head too — a Cannon head. We didn’t think anything of it. But I wanted to take him to the doctor for his sinus and breathing. We thought it would be routine.” 

Nick Cannon

Unfortuantly, it wasn’t a routine visit as Zen had fluid building in his head and it was a malignant tumor.

Zen ended up having brain surgery and a shunt placed to drain the fluid but around Thanksgiving is when things started to take a turn for the worse.


“This weekend I made an effort to spend the most quality time with Zen. We woke up on Sunday and went to the ocean with him and Alyssa and then I had to fly back to New York for the show,” he shared, breaking down in tears. “I got a call on my way to the airport to head back to Zen.”

Nick Cannon

Oh my heart hurts. What a sweet and beautiful baby boy that was taken far too soon. RIP sweet little one.

Photos courtesy of Deposit Photos.

Carolyn Dixon

Thursday 9th of December 2021

I am so heartbroken for you and your family. He was a beautiful baby boy. I will be praying for y’all. God bless .

Bernice Engler

Wednesday 8th of December 2021

So very sorry for your loss. May God comfort you during this dark time in your life. Hugs and prayers.

Michele Buchko

Wednesday 8th of December 2021

So very sorry to hear . May he Rest In Peace. He will b your Guardian Angel until you meet again .

Denise Beetle

Tuesday 7th of December 2021

Hydrocephalus is not brain cancer it’s fluid on the brain! I know this cause I have had a shunt since birth for the fluid on my brain! Have had over 100 surgeries and mostly because of my shunt!

Sam Hughes

Wednesday 8th of December 2021

@Denise Beetle, I thought the same thing. Maybe he had a tumor in addition to hydrocephaly? Either way, so sorry for the loss of a loved one, especially an infant.

Judy Guy

Tuesday 7th of December 2021

My deepest sympathy. He is now your guardian angel. From one parent to another it is hard to lose a child. I pray the Lord helps you through. God bless you.