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Taco Bell Is Adding Crispy Chicken Wings and A New Chalupa to Menus and It Honestly Feels Like Christmas

Taco Bell is doing more than just stuffing beef and cheese in a crunchy shell for the new year.

In fact, the popular fast food eatery is jumping in the chicken war between a handful of fast food chains and is adding crunchy chicken to menus.

Courtesy of @dailyfoodfeed

Instead of stuffing crispy chicken between two halves of a soft bun, Taco Bell is adding bone-in chicken wings that might be crispier than the finger lickin’ good chicken patties or Popeye’s famous spicy chicken.

Courtesy of @dailyfoodfeed

Alongside the new chicken wings, Taco Bell is adding a plus one and pairing the chicken wings with a spicy Mexican Queso dip.

Courtesy of @dailyfoodfeed

A new Chipotle Cheddar Chalupa is also in the works which means our New Year’s resolution is only to try Taco Bell’s new reworked chalupa.

Courtesy of @foodzfolkz

Finally, a revamped cravings value menu will also be added for quick and easy meals without having to break the bank.

Courtesy of @tacobell

Taco Bell’s changes will arrive shortly after the celebration of the new year around the second week of January!

Courtesy of @markie_devo