Minute Maid Will Soon Be Releasing Wine Cocktails That Are Perfect for Date Night

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If you have a date night scheduled on the calendar soon, prepare to cancel your reservation for some quality time at home.

Due to Minute Maid’s latest beverage line, your restaurant reservation may be rescheduled, but just make sure to cancel ahead of time, if you do.

What’s strictly for grown-ups only, Minute Maid has entered the 21 and elder category with their new line of spiked drinks.

Dubbed Minute Maid Spiked, the new line of beverages includes three refreshing flavors.

Courtesy of @markie_devo

Enter, the new Piña Colada, Lime Margarita, and Strawberry Daiquiri wine cocktails.

Including 13.9% ABV in each bottle, the colorfully decorated wine bottles are the perfect addition to pair with your homemade dinner for two.

And according to Coca-Cola and @markie_devo, the new wine cocktails are even expected to be available in single-serve sizes too for the nights where you have the house to yourself.

The new bottles, which are expected to release sometime in the new year, you can find Minute Maid Spiked at liquor stores in the U.S. sometime during the spring season!

Courtesy of Minute Maid

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