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How To Wear A Face Mask Correctly

We knew it was coming. The CDC now suggests that everyone wear a mask (or face covering) if they are going out in public.

But, OMG, I have seen so many people wearing them so incorrectly, it really doesn’t matter that they have a mask on at all!

PSA: Do NOT put a plastic bag on your head!!

I’m a nurse. I have my nursing license. I’ve worked on a hospital floor where we had to deal with masks a lot. I also worked in surgery, where a mask was required most of the day.

That being said, I KNOW how to properly wear a mask, and I’m about to school you on the process.

How To Properly Wear A Face Mask.

First of all, the mask should be clean. Don’t go grab a mask that has been sitting on your dresser for a week, and has collected dust. Ew. No. It has to be a fresh, clean mask.

Next, WASH YOUR HANDS well! Follow that 20-second rule.

Sing a song if you have to. You HAVE to wash your hands for a full 20 seconds to kill any germy germs that might be taking up residence on your hands.

Now, you want to fit the mask OVER YOUR NOSE. If your nose isn’t covered, you are NOT wearing it correctly, and it isn’t even going to do you any good.

You also want the bottom of the mask to go OVER and AROUND your chin. It should be cradling your chin, like a mommy cradles her baby. If your chin isn’t covered, that mask ain’t doing you no good.

The mask should not be cutting off circulation to your brain, but it should cover at least like 3/4 of your cheeks.

Make sure you secure the mask with either two sets of ties around your head — top and bottom, or secure around your ears with loops. If you are going the ear route, elastic works best.

Now, WASH YOUR HANDS again. This will get rid of any germs you just picked up from touching all over your face.

You can now wear your mask out and about in public.

Okay, now it’s time to take it off. You want to grab the ties, and take it off — don’t grab the face mask, itself.

Throw the mask directly into the washing machine, or throw that bad boy away if it’s disposable.

Then, before you do anything else, WASH YOUR HANDS!

I know it might feel awkward, weird, and even a bit embarrassing wearing that mask in public at first. But, dude, safety before vanity, AMIRITE?!?

Just do it! It just may prevent you or someone else from getting sick, and that’s a win!