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This Guitar Doorbell Strums A Real Guitar Every Time You Enter A Room

This is a GREAT find for all you music enthusiasts. It’s even awesome if you just like having super cool things in your home that maybe out of the norm.

Courtesy of Guitdoorbell

This is called the Guitdoorbell, and it installs above any inward opening door in your house — or you could totally use this in your business.

Courtesy of Guitdoorbell

It is an actual miniature guitar that is placed in a holder above the door, and a guitar pick is attached to the door itself. When the door is opened, the pick strums a cord on the guitar!

Courtesy of Guitdoorbell

Not only is it a super cool point of entry or exit to a room, the guitar can actually be removed, and you can play it! How freaking amazing is that?!?

The Guitdoorbell is a stringed instrument mounted over your doorway with a plectrum striker attached to the swinging door. When the door is opened or closed the plectrum passes across the strings creating a musical announcement.


Right now, this Guitdoorbell is available in natural wood coloring or a black variety.

It will run you about eighty bucks. You can get it right from the Guitdoorbell website. AND REMEMBER, this is also a playable guitar!

You can ALSO get a case to carry your Guitdoorbell guitar when it isn’t attached to your door frame. It runs about fifty bucks.

You can watch the Guitdoorbell being described in this short video.

Courtesy of Guitdoorbell

You can also check out guitarist, Adrian Belleu, play an actual Guitdoorbell that has been taken down off a door frame. He is pretty darn amazing!

Courtesy of Guitdoorbell