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This Coffin Shelf Is A Creepy Cool Way To Store Your Makeup and I Need It

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This coffin inspired makeup holder is perfect for Halloween lovers or if you’re constantly searching for new ways to store your makeup in (like myself).

Courtesy of @88texasmade

You can even slip in nail polish or other beauty supplies such as a mini hairbrush or makeup remover too!

Courtesy of @88texasmade

Each coffin is custom handmade with reclaimed wood and painted black; the final results are stunningly cool not to mention spooky too.

Courtesy of @88texasmade

The height of each coffins is 24 inches high, 12 inches wide and 2 inches deep, so you can totally stick your lip glosses, cover-up, lash glue, blush or even a few makeup brushes inside.

Theses makeup holders can be hung on the wall and you know what I’m thinking? If you don’t prefer to put nails in your wall, you can lean the coffin up against a bathroom wall for the same spooky display effect.

Courtesy of @88texasmade

Add a set of battery powered bat string lights around the black coffin and the finishing look will look even more aesthetically pleasing for Halloween.

You can get your own Coffin Makeup Shelf from @88texasmade on Etsy for around $60.

Courtesy of @88texasmade

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