Disney Released A ‘Belle Of The Ball Bronze’ Collection and I Need Them

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The day has come! This beautiful, elegant collection is here! The ‘Belle Of The Ball Bronze’ Collection is Here and I NEED them to add to my Disney collection.

Disney has previously brought us a slew of colorful ears and collections, like this Millennium Pink pair, and you best believe I jumped right in line to get them.


Arendelle Blue (sometimes called Arendelle Aqua) — inspired by the movie Frozen? Yep. These were my latest foray into the Disney Ears collection. I can’t pass up a new pair of ears! I’m just a big 8-year-old girl at heart. It’s okay — I’m totally not alone. It’s a whole thing.


Iridescent and Briar Rose Gold? Of course, I own both pair. When Disney brings out a new pair of Minnie Ears, I’m in. You’d think I loved Disney, or something.


So, this new bronze pair is a no brainer! Technically, I guess they are sequined black with a bronze bow. Totally beautiful!

Disney didn’t just stop with the ears. Like most of the new colorful ears they bring out, you can also match with super-cute accessories.

I have seen shirts, backpacks, tumblers, ornaments, and even CROCS to match! Hopefully they bring out this full accessory line in this new Belle of the Ball Bronze.

With a name like Belle of the Ball, you can bet they are inspired by Beauty and the Beast — which happens to be my FAVORITE Disney movie!

Just take all my money now. I need this full bronze line! Bring on December 8th! Merry Christmas to me.


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