Home Depot’s 2022 Halloween Collection Was Leaked and I’m Freaking Out

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For many, Home Depot is a go-to destination each year for Halloween decor and this year is no different.

While it’s true that most are aware that Home Depot’s Halloween Collection goes live every year in July, this year, you can start planning your Halloween budget way sooner.

There was a recent leak for the Home Depot 2022 Halloween Collection and you are going to want to get your hands on it all!

Home Depot Halloween 2022 Collection

The Home Depot Halloween 2022 Leak features several new items including another 12-foot friend.

This time, it’s a 12 Foot Werewolf that is said to make noises and has light-up eyes.

I think one of the items I am most excited about is… A life size Oogie Boogie! 

Price: $229.99

If you happen to have the Jack and Sally animatronics (like I do), this will go perfectly with it!

Another new 12-foot friend this year is the Witch with animated prop. The price of this one is unknown.

This 5.5 foot Witch with Cauldrons Prop is also new this year and will set you back $199.99.

One of the more cooler items is this 15-foot Graveyard Phantom that glows.

Price: $399.99

Similar to last year, reaper, they are releasing a new one. It looks just like the one from last year except this year’s has a red cloak instead of black.

Price: $249.99

New this year is a 4-foot animated goblin thief. Personally, I think it looks cheap but to each their own.

Price: $149.99

New this year is a 6-foot lurching witch with glowing eyes.

Price: $99.99

Also new this year is this 6-Foot Undead Bartender.

Price: $149.99

This 6-foot Faceless Grabbing Scarecrow is new this year as well. Would be perfect with some hay bales or tall grass around it.

Price: $99.99

This 8-foot Jack-‘O-Lantern Stack and Patch is super cool. It lights up and 2 of these would look awesome in an entry way.

Price: $199.99

I am loving this LED Coffin. It would be perfect with some posable skeletons!

Price: unknown

I am not really sure this is Halloween-y but it’s a 6-foot animated Malevolant Wizard.

Price: $199.99

This 6-Foot Fearcus The Clown animated prop is new this year as well.

Price: $199.99

This creepy 5-foot skeleton creeper will go well with all your other skeletons.

Price: $79.99

This Pumpkin looks pretty similar to the one from last year.

Price: unknown

This giant cobra snake is rumored to be back (it looks like it’s silver this time around)

Rumors also have it, the 12-Foot Inferno Pumpkin guy is back this year along with Jack and Sally animatronics.

Sadly, there is no rumor on whether the 12-Foot Skeleton or Giant Spider will be back this year or not.

Now, please keep in mind that all of these items are part of a leak meaning they could change including the way they look, what items are released and pricing.

However, hopefully this leak will give you a chance to start saving and pre-planning what you want to grab this July when they are supposed to be released from Home Depot.

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