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These Solar String Lights Look Like Colorful Disco Balls And I Need Them

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I couldn’t even tell you how many different string lights we have here at my house.

We have some that we use outdoors for holidays, and then my kids all have a few different sets that they use to light up and decorate their rooms.


All of the string lights we have use batteries, but this string of lights is actually solar powered!

This is a string of lights that is 15 feet long with 20 LED lights.


They automatically charge in the sunlight and then at dusk they will light up the night for you.

There isn’t anything you need to wire or add, just hang them where you want and let the sun power them up.


They will stay lit up for about 8 to 10 hours with each charge and you should get about 50,000 hours of use from them.

The Moroccan string lights are perfect for decorating your deck, patio, or around the pool for a party, or simply for some soothing and relaxing lighting.


They do have an on/off switch as well as a mode choice of flashing or steady on.

Since they’re waterproof you don’t need to worry about taking them down when it rains.


You can also choose to use them indoors as long as you make sure they get enough charge first.

I love the colors!


You can buy your own solar-powered Moroccan string lights on Amazon!


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