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Succulent Jellyfish Are Here to Turn Your Garden Into An Outdoor Aquarium

I know there is a ginormous succulent plant trend right now, and I’m all about being on that bandwagon!


Succulents look so amazing growing out of a planter. They give the look of delicate strength, yet they are easy peasy to keep alive — which is GREAT for people like me, that kill every plant they touch!

Via foodsucciiporcelainlove at Instagram

There are SOME creative people that have taken the hanging succulent plant to the next level! They have turned them into, what looks like, jellyfish floating in their gardens!

These do require a bit of set up and maintenance, but it is totally worth it. The succulent jellyfish plants are absolutely beautiful!

You can choose from a variety of succulent plants — in all colors. You can also choose what you want hanging down like the jellyfish tentacles.

There really is no WRONG way to go about making your jellyfish, here. You just make the succulent part into a dome shape, and then you have hanging vines that blow in the wind.

They totally look like floating jellyfish, once the wind picks up and blows the vines that are hanging from the succulent top!

You also have the choice to make them short or long. Like I said, there really is no WRONG way to make these. As long as YOU like them, that’s all that counts!

Some people have even used little crocheted or little ceramic heads, and then have long succulent stems (?), vines (?), thingies (?) hanging down out of the top. They are sooo amazing, and I need a collection of these on my back porch!

However you choose to make them, spring is ALMOST here! It’s dang near time to get your gardening thumb on, and add some jellyfish to your yard full of flowers, fruits, and veggies!

Gurl, if I can try it, YOU certainly can! We’re in this together, Boo. Succulent Jellyfish are about to be ALL over Instagram.


Wednesday 19th of February 2020

How do I get some of the jellyfish plants

Mike Ehlert

Thursday 20th of February 2020

Is that a serious question? You buy a hanging plant basket. You add succulent potting soil or sandy dirt and plant some succulents in it, making sure that some of them are the type that hang downwards, as they grow, you water them about once a week or when the soil is totally dry.