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Succulent Nails Are The New Beauty Trend And I Kind Of Like Them

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I love to see the crazy new trends that roll across the Internets. Most of the time, they make me cringe. Sometimes they surprise me, and they are rather cool. This one, I’m kind of on the fence about.

Via glamourous_grabbers on Instagram

This trend has to do with fingernails, and I can’t decide whether I love it, or whether it should be buried in the ground where it belongs.


People are putting little succulent plants on their fingernails, and I can’t decide if I love this artistic AF idea. Some of them look pretty awesome some look straight out of a horror movie.


I guess it depends on the nail, what type of succulent you stick on there, and who puts it on. All these are factors that totally must be considered when deciding if these are GENIUS or completely UGLY.


Mostly, I guess they are rather clunky. It seems like they would get snagged on SO many things!


Can you imagine, though. If you wore these to a special occasion, like a party, everyone would be talking about you, and remember your cool-as-hell nails!


Now, if I was just staying around the house, washing dishes and changing diapers all day, I may want to consider going with another trend. It seems these would get knocked off or damaged pretty quickly if I were doing housework.



Something tasteful like this little accent succulent might be cool! I’d totally do this for, like, a wedding or something.


While I PERSONALLY think these are hideous, this might be a better alternative to the trend. Encasing the succulents in clear acrylic, so they don’t catch on EVERY SINGLE THING might be an option for you.


Now, these aren’t nails, but HELL YEAH I’d wear THESE. You can match your succulent nails with succulent earrings, and I want these in my life! They are GORGEOUS.


You should ALSO check out this nail trend that has to do with feet. That’s a big NOPE from me!

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