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This Mom’s ‘Home For The Holidays’ Food Plan Is Holiday Organization Goals

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In theory, I want to be the most organized person. But, in reality, I am so disorganized that it hurts.

This mom’s “Home For The Holidays” food plan is absolute organization goals, and I want to be her when I grow up.

One might argue that her plan for the holidays just happens to be a little on the restrictive side.

But, I say ‘Nay Nay!’

It lays everything out ahead of time, and doesn’t leave time for arguing about what’s for dinner during the season of being together.

This mom even emails the plan out, so there is no question about what’s going to go down during the days leading up to the Christmas holiday.

Thanks to a Tweet by her son, Khalid El Khatib, we get a little glimpse into the family holiday plan, and I love it!

Khalid El Khatib

She lays out everything from the arrival of the family, to fun activities, to the eating plan for the day.

Khalid El Khatib

There isn’t a 100% commitment to any one thing, but she leaves room for options.

Khalid El Khatib

If I’m honest, I wish I were going along with this family for the holidays! They are gonna have a blast.

Khalid El Khatib

They even have a dress up evening planned, and I’m slightly jealous.

Khalid El Khatib

Seriously. Can I be one of the “ladies?”

Khalid El Khatib

Her mad organizational skills make me want to plan an entire holiday schedule for my family!!

Khalid El Khatib

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