This Company Will Pay You $100,000 To Pursue Your Dream Job

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If you could do anything in the world and money or time wasn’t an object, what would you do?

That is something you’ll want to think about and have a firm answer because This Company Will Pay You $100,000 To Pursue Your Dream Job!

If you are thinking it sounds too be good to be true, think again!

Sustainable clothing company Prana started a “Dream Job Promotion ” contest, which opened last week.

The idea behind the contest is they will select one lucky person to quit their current job to pursue their dream job all while be paid $100K!

“At prAna, we know from experience that personal growth often lies outside your comfort zone. And sometimes, all you need is a friendly nudge to help you make that leap. That’s why we’re looking for one courageous person willing to quit their current job to pursue their lifelong passion. We’ll support your decision with a $100k prize to help get your dream off the ground.”


How can you land your dream job and $100,000? Well, you will need to get creative and submit a 1-3 minute video that briefly details your current job and tells them what your dream job would be (you don’t have to quit your job just yet, only the finalist will be asked to do so).

They want to see your personality and passion so make sure you give your entry everything you’ve got!

If this were to happen for me, I’d just want to take that money and invest in ways to grow my blog, I mean I am already working in my dream job, I just want to further my growth!

You have until September 16, 2019 to submit your entry. Good luck!

What is your dream job?

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