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Pickle Lip Balm Is Here So Pucker Up

Never in my life have I seen this… Pickle Lip Balm is here, and people are going crazy over this stuff.

Via Amazon

It seems like EVERYTHING is getting a dill pickle makeover lately. There are pickle candy canes, pickle chips, pickle pool toys, pickle meat sticks, canned pickle juice, and even pickle popsicles! Pickle lovers are in absolute dill pickle heaven.

But, would you try this? Pickle lip balm seems to be a new trend that I don’t know if I can jump on board.

I’m all for the gallon jugs of the briney pickle juice to add to everything from meatloaf, to chicken salad, to even a good martini. I could even drink it plain, over ice, on a really hot day. I’m not sure, however, that I could put a layer of the pickle flavor on my lips.

Obviously there are some of you that would jump at the chance to try this stuff. I have a few friends who might be getting this as a gift this Holiday season. I just don’t know if I, personally, could do it.

Pucker UP Buttercup. I might try it, just for you. You try it first, and let me know how it is. I

You can get your own Pickle Lip Balm right on Amazon. Don’t forget to buy a few for that pickle lover in your life.

For now, I’ll settle for putting tiny dill pickles in my Bloody Marys.

In case you are TOTALLY pickle crazy, you can also get an ENTIRE pickle lover’s gift pack on Amazon. Go ahead with your crazy pickle self, and get it.