Now You Can Get Pickle Juice In A Can And I’ll Take A Case

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Gordy’s Fine Brine, I’m pretty sure I love you. You have just upped the pickle juice game, and I think I need you as my BFF.

I have a strong infatuation with some pickle juice! From the pickle jar is divine, but there are too many pesky pickles to get in the way of the real MVP, THE JUICE!!

Pickle juice by the gallon is simply amazing, but sometimes I don’t want to deal with a big jug … first world problems, right?!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to just crack open a can of the briney, acidic tastiness and drink up? Wait. What? I can?!?

Have you thought about using pickles in this way? The Pickle Sandwich.

I was beyond floored when I found Gordy’s Pickle Jar … purveyors of all things pickled (I mean, have you tried a pickled okra?!?).

While their pickled products are amazing, the real star of the show is their Fine Brine!!

WHAT?!? I thought my life was complete until this very moment. I was wrong.

12 ounces of pickled heaven poured forth right from a can. I can die happy.

I don’t think you understand. Not only can I drink this straight from the can, I can use it to flavor up my favorite foods. Next Level!!

Love all things pickle? Give these Pickle Popsicles a try!

I can also throw a shot of this juice into adult beverages to make them transcend to a higher plane of existence. (You had me at adult beverage!)

Here are the details: You can find this Fine Brine online. It comes in four 12-ounce cans. That’s all you really need to know

Looking for pickle juice in a bottle? You can get it on Amazon, here.

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