An Almost Extinct Pink Dolphin Had A Baby Calf and I’m Swimming With Joy

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Dolphins are pretty amazing by themselves, but color them pink, and they’re like real live unicorns in my world! Show me a baby pink dolphin, and my life will be complete.

Imagine how freaking happy I was when I found out there is actually a real-live PINK dolphin … and it’s living and swimming around in the Calcasieu Lake in Louisiana!!

A lake?? Yeah, I was confused too. When I think of dolphins, my mind automatically goes to the ocean. But, nope. This lake has “brackish” water … which is a fancy word for salty content.

And, I’m so happy for this brackish water, because that’s where Pinky lives.

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Pinky is a natural PINK dolphin! They are extremely rare, and hardly ever seen. This Pink color is actually a form of albinism in dolphins.

So, my girl, Pinky is pretty special! You know what makes her even more special?

Pinky just had a baby (she had a “calf,” if you want to be all technical) and it’s pink too!!

People have seen Pinky getting her freak on mating with regular ol’ dolphins, so for her to actually have a pink calf with her mommy’s genetic mutation is pretty amazing.

Pinky has her own Facebook page, and you can go there to see pictures and video of baby and momma.

Via Pinky the Dolphin on Facebook

Congratulations, Pinky!! Your baby is beautiful … and so are you!!

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