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Wine Bottle Christmas Trees Are A Thing and Looks Like I Am Going To Need More Wine

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I have to admit when I first heard about this, I had absolutely no idea how beautiful they looked.

They’re absolutely stunning and now I want to make one!

If you are a wine-drinking family, then this is the ultimate tree project for you!

I’m not a heavy wine drinker, but I think with help from friends and family that I could possibly make something like this happen.

You can find gorgeous examples of these wine bottle Christmas trees all over Instagram, so there is plenty of inspiration!

Here’s How To Make a Wine Bottle Christmas Tree

The first step… you need wine bottles… lots of wine bottles!

If you don’t have a stash already, you could probably put out a post on the Facebook marketplace asking if people can save their bottles for you.


You’ll also need a tree-shaped rack, I found an amazing Christmas Tree Wine Bottle Holder on Amazon that can be used year after year.


I’m sure you could also rig up something on your own if you are creative and skilled enough.

The way the lights shine through the different colored glass bottles is such a mood and I love it!

This would be so cool in an at home bar area and they also look great outdoors!

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