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You Can Get An Inflatable Arcade Shooter Pool Float To Bring The Carnival Games To You

Carnivals are a sign for the start of summer, and while carnival games can be addicting, competitive and fun, does anyone else find it nearly impossible to win a big stuffed animal?

While you may get a small prize or a trophy that every player earns with participation, we all prefer the big stuffed bear hanging above all of our heads.

To win the prize we all deserve, especially after the countless rounds of five dollars bills invested, Amazon is selling an inflatable arcade pool float that is similar to the water gun games you see at most carnivals.

Here’s introducing, the inflatable arcade shooter that brings the carnival games to your own backyard!

Courtesy of Amazon

This inflatable arcade game includes 2 water guns ready to spray with an extra water gun if needed.

The first to spray all of the balls out of the tube wins the game.

Courtesy of Amazon

While the kids might not be able to win the big stuffed bear, the prize in and of itself is the multicolored arcade game that makes pool time exciting and beats the summer heat.

You can currently get the inflatable arcade shooter pool float for $34 on Amazon!

Courtesy of Amazon